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Spousal Support Enforcement

What do I do if my spouse is disregarding the court order and has stopped paying child support?

- ALS, California


Every parent is legally obligated to provide financially for their children so that they can have a healthy future. When a parent walks away from that obligation and leaves you at a financial loss, then it is definitely in your best interest to pursue child support enforcement methods. This is a proactive way to collect the money so that your child is given what they need. Contact the Illinois child support enforcement agency and inform them of your situation. They will ask you a few questions and they will need to you to bring your child support order, your divorce or separation agreeement, records of past child support payments, information about your income and your child's birth certificate. If paternity is an issue, then they will need to see written or voluntary acknowledgment of paternity from the spouse. If you have any further questions on spousal support enforcement, please do not hesitate to ask.

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