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Batavia Child Custody Lawyer

Child Custody Cases in Batavia, IL

Having a reasonable knowledge of the laws involving child custody is vital when engaging in a divorce. It is important for a parent seeking custody of their child or children to know the laws and what is considered when determining custody rights. The best interests of the child are considered first and foremost. The considerations that follow are in accordance with the custody statutes of the state in which you live.

Family law courts in the State of Illinois are under the legal guidance of that state's child custody laws. Joint custody is the preferred resolution if each parent's living situation is adequate and the child will best benefit from this sort of circumstance. When either parent is not granted custody, he or she is then given visitation rights unless the court:

  • Sees it as a serious danger to the child's emotional stability or health
  • The child will not be protected in such an arrangement

If you are facing a child custody dispute or you wish to modify your current child custody arrangement, then you will need the experienced guidance of a Batavia family attorney from Michael T. Schulenberg, Attorney at Law. When you work with my firm, you are reminded that you are not alone during this difficult time and your case will receive the time and attention it deserves. I take initiative in getting to know you and your case and then I proactively develop a strategy to help turn your objectives into a reality. If your case goes to trial, I will not hesitate to prepare a compelling case on your behalf. For assertive legal advocacy with your child custody matter, please do not hesitate to contact my firm for the legal guidance you need and deserve.

How is child custody determined?

When determining child custody, it is important to be familiar with the family law statutes in your state. For child custody cases, the court will look at several influential factors including:

  • The child's wishes
  • The parent's wishes
  • The relationship the child has with each parent
  • The school & home adjustments the child would have to make
  • The mental and physical wellbeing of each parent
  • If the parents can encourage a relationship with the other parent
  • If there is a history of sexual assault or molestation
  • If one parent is on active duty in the military
  • Each parent's living accommodations
  • The best interest of the child

It is important to remember that you and the other parent are awarded joint custody, then you must mediate any and all disputes that you have regarding the custody agreement. The state of Illinois does not allow you to modify your child custody arrangement until at least two years have passed since the original custody order. They will make exceptions, however, if the current custody arrangement puts the children in any mental, physical or emotional danger.

Child Custody & Divorce

A divorce always becomes a larger issue when dealing with the issue of child custody. When there is a third party being affected by the separation of the two individuals, their livelihood should be given high importance. Child custody law is often complex and stressful. Having a knowledgeable and compassionate Batavia divorce lawyer on your side could be the key to successfully resolving the problem. It is my goal to help a parent understand their rights and then offer the necessary tools to provide the best situation for both parent and child. Often, the spouse is unwilling to cooperate with what you believe is the best scenario for raising your child or children. Choosing to have me on your side could be the very key to a healthy future for you and your children.

If you are seeking to come to a settled agreement in regards to child custody, it is possible to achieve a simple and peaceable solution to the ownership of the child/children and/or a visitation schedule that works for both parties. It is best to resolve this sort of dispute out of the realm of the court so that the parents will be able to agree on a solution. If mediation is not an option, I will be an aggressive voice in the courtroom as I fight for that what you deserve.

Contact a Batavia divorce attorney at my firm today and take advantage of the free case evaluation!

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