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Child Support Attorney in Batavia, IL

Establish or Modify Child Support Agreements

Child support is an important part of any divorce in which children younger than 18 are involved. Both parents are responsible for providing the financial support of all children involved. In some situations, however, one parent will provide a sum of money to assist the other in financial matters involving the child/children. The purpose of child support is to assure that they are able to enjoy the same level of lifestyle as they did prior to their parents' separation. When a single parent receives child support, it must be understood that it will eventually end.

Why You Should Collect Child Support

It sometimes occurs one party provides child support to the other party responsibly and without legal pressure so that their children can receive provisions for a healthy future. It is too often the case, though, that many walk away from their obligations towards child support and leave the other party at a financial loss. This situation should be prevented whenever possible so that the child will have no need to seek financial resources elsewhere until the appropriate time.

A parent in financial need should seek child support enforcement because it better guarantees a healthy future for the children involved they are obligated to financially protect. It also helps involve both parties in the life of their children. Both parents have a legal obligation towards their children's future, but every family is completely different and has unique circumstances that might require a child support plan. It is always best to be proactive and avoid an ugly situation, even if both parties believe they will be fine without the assistance of an outside legal party. It is also difficult to determine what is an appropriate and fair compromise regarding child support without the assistance of a knowledgeable Batavia divorce lawyer.

Personalized Child Support

The fact that every family's situation is different from all others has driven me to assess each case with a unique approach. Every case must come from a personalized perspective and I can help you come to a cordial agreement that brings peace and stability to all involved. I can meet with you to discuss the amount that one party should pay the other. It is often calculated from a set formula; however, other factors will have to be considered and the price adjusted accordingly. The court will determine the minimum amount owed in support and other factors used to make the final assessment. The statutory guidelines for child support in the State of Illinois show that depending upon the number of children involved, a certain percentage of the non-custodial party's income will be the base amount of child support. If there is only one child involved, at least 20% of the parent's income will be given, but if there are six or more children, 50% is the starting amount that will be required in child support.

Obtain Child Support Regulation

Parents long to provide their children with the best future possible. Money is a part of that equation that can never be ignored. Your child does not have to be in a position where they have to seek a different form of income when the parents should still be their monetary providers.

It is also my primary goal to bring about a desirable outcome so children involved will not be at a loss financially because of the situation. A divorce is often a heavy burden on them emotionally and it is my hope that stability will be the end result. I will do my best to work out an agreement that can be peaceably agreed upon by all. Your future and that of your child or children could be greatly benefitted by contacting a Batavia divorce lawyer to discuss the situation.

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