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Batavia High Net Worth Divorce Attorney

Protecting Your Assets & Preserving Your Wealth

High net worth divorces present particular challenges to separating and divorcing clients, however, you should not feet alone with competent counsel.

The division of assets in any divorce is an anxiety-provoking experience. Often, when there is a significant amount of wealth involved, divorce becomes more complex. This is particularly true when the marital estate involves hard to value assets, such as a closely held business. Competent counsel is critical when the marital estate includes a business venture that must be valued or a financial history of either party must involve forensic research.

Not surprisingly, the allocation of assets in a divorce, greatly affect the issues of child support and alimony. As a consequence, the standard of living, the health and education of all stakeholders in divorce proceedings are affected by the distribution of property. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Finance and having previously worked for a major accounting firm has positioned me to maximize my client's share of the marital estate and ultimately help lead to an increase in the standard of living for my clients. Often times the allocation of capital gain loss carried forwards, book to market calibration of assets, and the present value of calculations of projected income streams are at issue. More often than not, my clients are also concerned about hidden assets and forensic accounting. The valuation of businesses, stock, and investments within business must also be determined. These types of calculations can become more difficult when a party attempts to obstruct the proper accounting of the marital estate.

Once the value of the marital estate has been determined, the assets must be apportioned. Under Illinois Law a strict division of property is not the primary aim. Instead, the Court will attempt to enter a fair or equitable distribution of property based on the needs of the parties and their contribution to the marriage as a joint venture. Since we are not talking about a fifty-fifty split of the marital estate, the divorcing parties with competent counsel will end up with a higher percentage of the net assets. Understanding an individual's needs and their desire to protect their interests is paramount in the division of the marital assets. I would be happy to discuss your concerns regarding your high net worth divorce.

How a Batavia Divorce Lawyer Can Help

With an office in Batavia, I practice in Batavia and surrounding the areas including Kane, Kendall, DuPage and DeKalb counties. In all cases, I am aggressive, understanding, knowledgeable, and experienced. The attorney you choose could make all the difference in your case. It takes one who has a peculiarly good attention to detail and one who can decipher the relevant facts from those which are not. I am committed to protecting your rights, assets, and future. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (630) 280-3879.

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