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Batavia Paternity Lawyer

Establishing Paternity: Determining the Biological Father

When the awkward situation arises that the state of fatherhood is in question or who the biological father of a child is unknown, paternity action should be taken. Paternity is the issue of assessing the biological relationship between a father and child, and the determination of whether or not a biological relationship even exists. Paternity is not as easily determined as maternity, which is firmly established at birth. Paternity cases are often very complicated, as investigation is required and legal action often has to be taken. This situation occurs in some complicated divorce cases involving children.

Paternity affects areas of a divorce such as child custody and visitation rights and these arrangements might require modification. In order to ensure that your rights are protected, refer your case to an experienced Batavia divorce lawyer so that the identity in question can be solved before injustice is presented. If you are not the correct biological father of a child you are supporting, you may not be required to pay child support anymore. Whether you are a mother wanting to obtain child support or you are a father wanting to prove a legitimate biological relationship with your child, paternity determinations can be taken. After being legally identified as the biological father of a child, you may be is required to provide for their financial needs and well-being.

Acknowledgment of Paternity

The purpose of an Acknowledgment of Paternity form is to identify the signing man as the biological father of a child and allow his name to appear on the child's birth certificate. This is for two people who are not joined in matrimony and have a child out of wedlock. It can either be signed at the hospital after birth of the child, or later at the Department of Social Services.

A father has rights that need to be acknowledged and this form will ensure that they are met. Protect your rights as both mother and father and contact Michael T. Schulenberg, Attorney at Law to receive a free consultation! I will be able to assist in obtaining a paternity court order, informing each individual of his/her legal rights, and act as a strong representative during paternity determination cases.

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