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Why Personalization is Key

Personalized Attention to Every Case

When faced with matters of domestic life, such as children, personal assets, and finances, it is difficult to choose a lawyer who will best represent your case. Many divorce lawyers treat each situation relatively the same and do not personalize their approach to fit the case at hand. It is impractical to have a formula that can be used for every case that a divorce lawyer attends to. This is, however, the way many divorce attorneys will approach their client's problems as if there can be a "one-size fits all" manner to winning their case.

There is no reason to hire a lawyer unwilling to invest time and energy into your case. I understand the importance of personal representation that comes about through invested time and energy into investigating the minute details that might be overlooked. I am a listener who invites hurting individuals seeking divorce to enter my law office and discuss their case. Originality is required for a successful result, I will, therefore, take the information I receive and hand-produce a plan and approach for the legal issue.

Hire an Approachable Batavia Divorce Lawyer

I am proud to have 12 years of experience in this field, which includes 2 in Michigan and 10 in Illinois. I became a lawyer after graduating from law school with cum laude honors. Much of my trial experience revolves around family law, which is my passion. I am a solo practitioner who takes on only a few cases at a time to provide substantially better service to those who seek my help. I give my full attention to only a few areas of law so that I can be more knowledgeable in those concentrated areas than less effective in many realms.

I understand that having a lawyer who will not return your phone calls is extremely frustrating. That is why I make sure to give each individual adequate time and make sure I am not taking on more than I can handle so that my clients are not minimized. It is my aim to be accessible when I am needed in the office for questions and concerns that arise. If you are stuck in a divorce law situation, hire Michael T. Schulenberg, Attorney at Law, so that you will have an attentive divorce lawyer who listens and acts in a way that appropriately fits the situation at hand. I think outside of the box and do not go for cookie-cutter approaches like many other lawyers do.

By taking a creative approach, I have more room for aggressive action that is knowledgeable and factual. Getting to know my client's perspectives and goals in the case allows me to fight for you in a personal manner because you then become more than just a number to me. I want to fight for you in and out of court and will do all it takes to bring your desired outcome to fruition because when you enter my family law office, your case becomes my case

Contact Michael T. Schulenberg, Attorney at Law

Do not hesitate to contact my office for a free case evaluation so that we can discuss the situation at hand. Instead of settling with a lawyer who is unwilling to invest time and energy into your case, hire my law firm to fight for you and your rights. As a Batavia divorce lawyer, I can offer more than just a business deal; in addition, I will fight to the end so that your voice does not go unheard. I have combined compassion with experience and knowledge to help you resolve the problem with the other party effectively.

Contact my firm as soon as possible to learn more about how a Batavia divorce attorney may be able to help you in your situation.

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