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Marriage is a big commitment, one that requires time, resources, and love. While many individuals who choose to marry often mean forever, during the ebbs and flow of life people change, and so do couples feelings for one another. Just as marriage is a huge decision to make, so is the option of divorce for some it may actually be what is best for them and even their family as well. There are couples who simply fall out of love and are ready to move on. At the same time there are couples that are separating because of infidelity, financial struggles, irreconcilable differences, and even domestic violence. Whatever the case may be for you, it is important that you realize you are not alone. Today in America, 50% of marriages come to an end at some point, and while it is a hard situation to go through, you can move forward. If you or your spouse is considering filing for a divorce, contact an Aurora divorce attorney today who can help you through this difficult process.

Michael Schulenberg, Attorney at Law, is an experienced and dedicated divorce and family lawyer who is prepared to help you through whatever situation you may be facing. Michael understands that this time of life may be one that is both emotionally difficult as well as stressful, which is why he is known for his compassionate approach to his clients as he hopes to walk them through these difficult waters with care. Not only that, but he understands that certain situations call for an aggressive tactic, and he is also prepared for this approach when fighting for the rights on behalf of his clients. Having graduated from law school with a cum laude honor, his clients can rest assured that they are in knowledgeable hands.

Mr. Schulenberg has been peer rated on Avvo, a legal website that allows for past clients and legal peers to endorse other attorneys. Not only that but he has a 5.0 highest rating on Martindale-Hubbell® for his legal services. It is both an honor and a privilege to be recognized in the legal community, and Michael Schulenberg is an attorney who has earned it. Many clients have shared their appreciation and gratitude for Michael’s legal counsel during their divorce and other family legal needs. One time, after representing one individual who was divorcing their spouse, they received a high compliment from both parties. The spouse whom Michael did not represent, explained that he was so impressed with Michael’s legal expertise, that he recommended him to a friend for their divorce. It is a rare thing indeed when an opposing party pays compliments to you for your legal professionalism, and Michael has had the opportunity of hearing these kind words.

With 20 years of experience, Michael has been able to come alongside many individuals and their families who are going through divorce. Many clients have graciously given their testimonials about their experience, sharing kind words of appreciation for how Michael was able to help them. One client states that their outcome of the divorce was better than they expected. Another discusses their messy divorce and claims that it is because of Michael’s legal guidance they were able to finalize many of the details involved. To read these in more detail, please click here.

While it may be easy to think that there is one set method for approaching a divorce case, there is not. Every family, every marriage, and most definitely every divorce, is extremely unique; which is why Michael Schulenberg offers a very specific personalized service to each of his clients. Michael promises his clients that he will never take on too many cases at once, because he understands how delicate each situation is and that time and efforts are required. Michael is prepared to do whatever it takes to help his clients fight for their rights in a divorce, and this means that he takes the time to get to know them and their goals and hopes for the separation. Every case is a unique situation, person with their own story; and Michael is ready and willing to come alongside them no matter the situation to walk with them step by step through the process.

As an experienced attorney, he is able to help each of his clients work through each decision as he gives them oversight in the legal ramifications. During a divorce you will want professional legal representative on your side that will look after your individual rights, fighting for what is in your best interest as well as the kids, if they are involved. When dealing with a divorce, you and your spouse may choose to do so through mediation, and Michael is able to help you do this. During this time there are many details to work through, and even if your separation is a peaceful one, having an attorney on your side to walk you through the steps is only to your advantage. Some of the main legal issues during this process include, child custody and support, property division, and spousal support.

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