Same-Sex Married Couples Finding Relief in Supreme Court Ruling

Before the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage across the country, states that did recognize these unions were seeing a dramatic number of out-of-state residents coming across their borders to get married. By some estimates, about 60% of same-sex marriages before June 2015 included at least one person who did not reside in the state in which the marriage was approved. Now that the Supreme Court has changed marriage laws from coast to coast, that number should see an immediate drop.

The newfound rights have given same-sex couples more reason than ever to get married, as for many of them, they no longer have to worry about traveling far and wide to get a marriage license. Some analysts believe that the change will also bring about hundreds of millions of dollars to state and local tax revenue every year as same-sex couples start marrying with increased frequency, and spending thousands on weddings and honeymoons.

Same-Sex Divorce When Things Don't Go as Planned

The Supreme Court's ruling also brought about an immediate change to family law. Same-sex couples were granted the right to file for divorce in every state. To many, this was actually good news, as they could now easily dissolve their marriages. Previously, if a same-sex couple was married in a state that recognized their union but lived in one that did not, they were effectively locked into the marriage until they moved away. Due to the cost of packing up and moving out of state, this was not an option for many people.

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