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Divorce Mediation in Batavia

Benefits of Mediation

The separation of a marriage is not a pretty thing. It can often turn into a brutal war with effects that carry over into further generations. It is a highly delicate matter that involves emotions, financial expenditures, and time. Both parties involved in a divorce require a substantial amount of mental support and patience. To ease the burden of the situation, it is helpful to consider other options besides a court case. Mediation is the best option when both parties desire to obtain agreement and peace in regards to all aspects of the divorce. It is often best to at least begin with mediation and take further steps if necessary.

In this sort of setting, you will be able to talk through issues with a third party acting as a non-participating mediator. The primary goal, in this case, should be mutual agreement on issues such as alimony and child custody that can be brought to resolution through conversation and negotiation. When the decision is left to a judge who does not have emotion or money invested in the assets at hand, they will make a decision that is either only favorable to one party or to neither parties. Mediation will assure that all necessary voices are heard and attended to. A mediator is under law to not be partial to any party and therefore the agreement does not come from a mediator, but from the parties that will be affected. The mediator is also required to remain confidential and set boundaries between the two parties.

Legal Mediation Assistance

At Michael T. Schulenberg, Attorney At Law, I desire the cleanest divorce situation possible. As a Batavia divorce lawyer, I willingly assist clients in not only selecting the appropriate method of legal counsel but follow through in. With a free case evaluation, I can help you determine if mediation is the right solution for you and your spouse. My job in mediation is to ensure that your interests are being fully regarded and attended. I can also help you navigate the divorce process and piece apart any clauses before making an agreement.

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  • “He is persistent, energetic, accurate and prudent attorney. But he is also a very kind and helpful person. We are impressd by his splendid work.”

    - Vyacheslav Y.
  • “He made it simple and easy so it was taken care of without being dragged out; while he kept my rights just as they were and updated my custody times. Taking care of issues with a level headed professional manner that I was able to depend on.”

    - Nicholas O.
  • “Mr Schulenberg was very professional and most importantly, a personable and compassionate individual. I was very satisfied with the results of my divorce and I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking for an attorney.”

    - Ariel A.

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