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One of the most important factors a judge considers before approving a divorce is spousal support. Otherwise referred to as “alimony” or “maintenance,” spousal support is a legal sum of money paid on a monthly basis by one spouse to the other and lasts for a certain period of time.

How Is Spousal Support Determined?

The court decides the amount of spousal support that will be paid unless your case can be settled in an uncontested divorce. The judge will decide how much alimony should be awarded, if any, and the form in which it comes. This decision is made based on several factors, including:

  • Both parties' income and assets
  • You and your spouses' financial needs
  • Earning capabilities
  • Standard of living while married
  • Years of marriage*
  • Age
  • Health conditions

*Years of marriage is the main consideration when deciding the duration of your alimony. However, I believe that the other factors listed above are just as important and must be equally considered, and I will do my best to convince the judge of that. I provide advanced legal guidance to help you work towards a spousal support agreement that upholds your needs and desires. Call (630) 280-3879 or contact me online for a free consultation!

Types of Spousal Support

Depending on the factors of your divorce, the court may administer any of the following three types of alimony:

  1. Permanent alimony: Does not have an end date but can be terminated under certain circumstances, such as the death of either party and remarriage or cohabitation by the party who receives alimony.
  2. Rehabilitative alimony: Only granted if the receiver makes diligent efforts to become financially independent.
  3. Reviewable alimony: Granted for a set time period at which time the court reevaluates the case to determine whether or not support should continue.

As you begin this new part of your life, it is important to have financial stability. Alimony will undoubtedly have a great effect on your livelihood, whether you are on the supporting or receiving end of spousal support. Should you entrust me with your needs, I will focus on working to secure your best interests through personalized legal counsel and compassionate advocacy. I am here to help you receive a fair outcome in your case.

If you need spousal support, contact me online or by calling (630) 280-3879 to get started on your case.

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